Consume these 3 supplements that will help in menopause.

During menopause you should also consume vitamins and minerals that in addition to strengthening your health, will help alleviate some symptoms. These supplements are not abrasive, but you should consume food before taking them to avoid irritating your stomach. If you are still in premenopause, it is recommended that you consume them.

1. Vitamin C protects your immune system and produces more estrogens:

Estrogens in menopause drop dramatically, this causes insomnia, fatigue, vaginal dryness, breast pain, mood swings, among others. Consuming vitamin C responsible for producing more estrogens. With this, some symptoms of menopause will not affect you with the consumption of this vitamin. It also protects your immune system and that you do not get sick from the flu, cough and cold.

Consume one capsule every day after consuming food, to avoid stomach irritation. Vitamin C will also help you have a healthy, firm skin and soft.

2. Ginseng relieves stress and hot flashes, increases libido:

Ginseng at menopause acts as an antioxidant that helps delay aging, it is a sexual stimulant so it increases your libido. It also relieves hot flashes and stress. Ginseng is a great supplement that you should take during menopause. It will also help give you more energy and an excellent memory.

You should consume one tablet daily, ideally you should consume in the morning so that fatigue does not take over your body.

3. Consuming vitamin E menopause relieves hot flashes, sweating, anxiety and insomnia:

In addition to the fact that vitamin E cares for your heart and prevents aging of the skin, it is a vitamin that helps alleviate the main symptoms of menopause. Hot flushes, sweating, irritability, dry skin and insomnia. Vitamin E helps in menopause, if taken daily. Although it is recommended that you take with other supplements, it is a vitamin that your body needs so that the skin does not dry out as much.

Always store these vitamins in some drawer moisture free. Take one capsule daily after eating.