The cleaning robots They are becoming increasingly popular to help us a little with household chores. It is only enough to turn them on and leave them in the room so that they leave the entire area fully vacuumed and shiny, but the cleaning was reduced only to the floor. This has changed with the arrival of cleaning robots for glass and windows, which remove all traces of marks on the windows, dust and dirt. Take a look at the models that we present below and choose the one that best suits the needs of your home.

1. Gladwell: Indoor and outdoor cleaning robot

The Gecko robot cleaner uses suction technology to stay attached to the window glass while cleaning. It synchronizes with your cell phone so you can control it remotely.

Its special algorithm allows you clean every surface of the window without repeating the zones, and it has an edge detector that allows you to stop, change course and continue cleaning.

2. Alfawise: Automatic robot window cleaner

This large window cleaning robot is ideal for cleaning large surfaces such as panoramic windows or French doors. Comes with a scheduled shutdown system which inactivates it once it has finished cleaning the indicated surface.

It works under a system of suction and magnetic power that keeps it firmly attached to the glass. At its base it has a highly absorbent sponge where to place the glass cleaning product and the robot will do the rest.

3. Fengrui: multipurpose magnetic robot

Fengrui’s cleaning robot works with an infrared remote control with which you can easily control it. Works on all kinds of smooth surfacesSo you can also use it to clean tables, floors and showcases.

With this robot you you save hard work when it comes to cleaning, and it also keeps you safe since you won’t have to climb benches or stairs to reach the highest areas of the windows.