A wiper washer It is a vital accessory for your car, because it ensures the driver’s field of vision while driving regardless of temperature or weather. They work to quickly remove dirt, snow and water from your glass automatically to save time or avoid accidents. But sometimes due to prolonged use or an accident it is necessary to replace them. That is why here we show you some options of wiper washer what can you get for less than $ 20 and so you also protect your pocket.

1. Wiper washer of sylicon

This is a high quality wiper, made with silic Its design allows easily adapt to any window. It has advanced cleaning technology and quick drying.

It will apply pressure evenly across the entire glass and give amazing results. It will prevent the glass in your car from fogging up and dry the water droplets during the rain effectively.

2. Rain-X: 2-pack of 16-inch windshield wipers

This product has been awarded as the product of the year 2017. It is a windshield wiper that has a curved design to provide a smooth cleaning and avoid scratches on the glass of your car.

Its synthetic rubber material can withstand different climates and its advanced technology makes it water repellent.

3. Bosch Automotive: Precision windscreen wiper

This is a great windshield wiper designed with the highest quality materials. Count with one aerodynamic spoiler to allow better air flow and prevent it from peeling off the glass.

Its hook adapter allows your installation to be very easy and fast. Users who have already tried this windshield claim that it is a very quiet.