A striking and powerful charm to balance every aspect of your life.

Achieve stability and balance of mind and bodyIt is a challenge that involves a lot of commitment on the part of whoever wants to achieve this emotional level in their life. There are many elements that are used in order to encourage this state, and among them are amulets or symbols that they follow this philosophy, like the Tree of Life. So so you can guide your body and mind in the right direction and always have a reminder with you of what your approach should be, here are some options for accessories that you can always carry with you and keep balance in your life.

1. Locket necklace aromatherapy

Crafted from stainless steel material, this necklace comes with a 30mm medallion and weighs around 25 grams. This necklace is special because within its design with the tree of life, you can enter and decide between 10 felt pads washable that emit a divine scent for aromatherapy.

This gem is a good gift for followers of aromatherapy and anyone who wants to have the benefits of essential oil. Perfect for day to day and to complement any outfit.

2. Necklace with charm Tree of Life and mother of pearl

This beautiful necklace is white gold plated 18-carat and has a design in the center with the tree of life with a pearly colored background. Its chain measures 18 inches and features a clasp closure.

The accessory can be a excellent gift for those people who want to attract the best vibes to their life and it is perfect for any occasion.

3. Tree of Life Pendant with natural crystals

Created with precious stones in quartz crystal, pink crystal, amethyst, red agate, green aventurine, blue veined stone and red stone that resemble the colors of the rainbow. This pendant necklace is handmade with a unique and eye-catching design.

When you use it, you promote beauty, health, good luck and healing. It is an accessory that you can use in your day to day and that will allow you to carry a powerful amulet always with you.

4. Necklace with quartz wrapped in bronze tree

With a beautiful tree of life image Wrapped in wire, this necklace has been crafted with a healing pendant that brings you good health and luck. The pendant size is 50mm and it comes with a natural clear quartz st

Its long-term use has the effect of heal soul damageAnd it is also a famous jewel to enhance love and improve relationships.