Keep your home and family always protected.

The home It is the space where we share most of the time with the most important people in our lives: our family, friends and loved ones. It is the place where tranquility and harmony are the elements that must reign, so the security it is a fundamental factor to guarantee it. Thinking about it, this time we show you the best wireless security alarm systems with which you can keep your house always safe.

1. Sensor and Detector of movement


This wireless outdoor motion alert sensor is a plug-and-play device rich in features and fully expandable that installs in minutes.

Uses technology passive infrared to capture movement and heat. It has the highest quality and is resistant to all conditions for being outdoors. It allows you to maintain the control that your property deserves.

2. Alarm system solar powered


This kit includes two types of sensors motion sensor: one external motion sensor and one internal motion sensor. They work with a rechargeable lithium battery and the external one with solar energy.

The wireless range From motion sensors to alarm receiver is up to 1/4 mile and detection range of outdoor sensor is up to 50 feet. You only need a few minutes to configure it.

3. System Powerful alarm

Designed with a wide range Application has an infrared detection range of solar sensors up to 300 feet. With this system you don’t need wiring or replacing the batteries.

This technology reduces false alarms bad weather like rain, fog or snow, as well as interference from other natural light sources. You can expand it to 32 unlimited sensors and alarm receivers.

4. Alarm system with Motion Sensor

These passive infrared sensors are sensitive to detect the movement of vehicles or people. The transmission range is up to 300 feet and the detection range of the sensors is up to 24 feet.

You can configure them with three types of alarms, its LED flash light allows you to monitor movement in areas of your home. It is very easy to install and you do not need wiring.