A smart way to enjoy movies on your ph

The cell phone it is undoubtedly one of the most popular and widely used smart devices today. It not only allows us to be communicated by calls and messages, it also offers a range of possibilities to enjoy a wide variety of applications. Phones are a complete source of entertainment, as long as you have the right accessory, such as a amplifying screen like the ones we show you below:

1. Entertainment system for cell phones


It is a 3 in 1 magnifier specially designed for mobile phones. The glass is made with an acrylic piece that adds a HD effect and its base has speakers for a stereo sound experience. Increase the size between two and four times to avoid eyestrain.

Simply place the phone on the base and this way you can easily enjoy a visit to the cinema without leaving home. It is very easy to carry and compatible with most phones.

2. Curved screen with magnifying glass


It is a 3D curved screen amplifier that increases the Visual field from the screen of mobile phones 2 to 4 times, creating a perfect effect for watching movies and videos.

An accessory that reduces eye strain and the discomfort of straining your eyes to better focus images on small screens. Effectively increase image quality to create a unique entertainment experience.

3. Screen Magnifier 12 inches

Works as a phone projector screen that effectively doubles the visual spectrum of phone screens cellphones so you can freely enjoy HD definition movies and videos.

It is specifically designed to fit most smartphones. It is an accessory lightweight and portable that you can comfortably carry anywhere you go.

4. Magnifier screen for phone


It is a screen that is suitable for all the smartphone designs that exist today. Uses optical technology Zoom to provide a quality viewing experience without draining the phone’s battery.

Helps you protect your eyes as this accessory widens the viewing distance enough so that you can watch your favorite movies played on your cell phone from a safe distance.