A universal symbol for good luck and fortune

The horseshoes They have been considered as one of the oldest talismans in history, many cultures attribute properties such as protecting their owner from their environment, dispelling doubts and even achieving wishes or attracting good luck. Today there are a large number of amulets that are made with this symbol and below we show you some of the available options.

1. Bead horseshoe


This is a beautiful bead made from a corrosion resistant metal that features a design consisting of a silver tone with a golden four-leaf clover in the center.

An ideal piece for you to wear with the bracelets you wear every day since with this powerful amulet you can complement your outfits and make good luck always on your side.

2. Amulet to hang on your home


It is an amulet made up of a horseshoe decorated with turkish eyes and an elephant that you can easily hang on any door, window or wall. Its small size allows it to adapt to any type of room or office.

In addition to repelling bad energy, envy and the evil eye, this talisman it is equipped with a combination of ideal symbols to attract good luck and fortune. Its shape allows it to fit into any decoration.

3. Ring decorated with zircons

It is a ring made with sterling silver 925 is made to withstand the test of time thanks to its alloys that add greater strength and durability. Its design consists of a horseshoe decorated with zirconia pieces.

A piece of jewelry that has a lot elegance and delicacy. This allows you to wear it on any occasion, whether in formal or informal attire. Makes good luck with you no matter where you go.

4. Necklace with I said good luck


This is a delicate good luck necklace that is completely crafted by hand with the best 925 sterling silver and with a perfect polished finish. The central horseshoe is responsible for joining both sides of the chain.

Its quality material and its adjustable length They allow you to carry it comfortably every day. This type of chain is the ideal accessory to complement any article of clothing.