Take care of your skin and improve the structure of the hair.

The skin can have premature aging, this can happen due to the lack of nutrients, excessive smoking, not using sunscreen and even a very poor nutrient diet. One of the best options to prevent premature aging is to consume supplements that are antioxidants that take care of the skin, protect your immune system, and promote hair growth.

1. Black cumin seed: powerful antioxidant that cares for the heart and improves hair structure

An antioxidant means that it protects your body from free radicals, cares for its structure and can prevent immune diseases, even cardiac diseases. Black cumin seed has benefits that take care of heart health, improves cellular activity and helps your hair thicken; expecting it to become weak. Black cumin seed helps contains omegas, amino acids that will give softness and strength to your hair.

This antioxidant supplement to prevent premature aging is gentle on the stomach, but always consume it with food. Likewise improves digestion and can prevent constipation.

2. Glutathione: stimulates hair follicles and cares for the skin to prevent wrinkles

Glutathione is a very important antioxidant for the skin. Its main function is what helps to take care of the skin from oxidative stress, reduces the signs of aging, takes care of the skin from free radicals and Helps remove stains. Glutathione for hair is that it helps hair growth and stimulates hair follicles for faster growth.

If you are already over 35 years old, glutathione helps that it can be a powerful antioxidant for the health of your hair and avoid severe fall. Consume one capsule before eating every day.

3. Collagen and vitamin C: protect skin and hair from free radicals

Collagen and vitamin C work best if they are together, because vitamin C helps improve collagen production and absorption. Collagen in the skin helps prevent premature aging, cares for the structure of the skin and of course the tissues and joints. Vitamin C for hair helps hair growth because improves circulation to grow healthier, in addition to taking care of hair from radicals such as the sun and pollutants.

To the take care of hair from free radicals It helps to have more elasticity, resistance and will not weaken as easily. An antioxidant supplement to prevent premature aging to consume every day. In addition to preventing respiratory diseases.

4. Biotin, hyaluronic acid, elastin and keratin: prevents loss of nutrients in the skin and hair regardless of age

One of the most important ingredients to prevent premature aging is without a doubt elastin and hyaluronic acid. Elastin helps to improve the structure of the skin, elastin always works in conjunction with collagen. Helps give elasticity and prevents them from losing nutrients with age. Hyaluronic acid will help take care of the moisture on your skin, so it doesn’t dry out and rust.

Biotin, collagen and keratin will help to take care of the health of your hair giving it softness, elasticity, resistance and a better structure. It is a very complete supplement to care for hair and skin. In addition to preventing extreme dryness for