One of the most effective methods to get us out of stress, are the massages with aromatic oilsBecause it is well known that what stimulates the sense of smell produces a state of calm or tranquility to the nervous system, and if it also stimulates the sense of touch, the effects are further enhanced. That is why we recommend the best below aromatic oils for massages so you can give your partner a surprise that you will surely love.

1. Nooky Lube: aromatic jojoba oil and orange blossom

Nooky Lube lotion has a formula 100% natural based on jojoba oil and orange blossom. The bottle contains 16oz or 500 ml.

From easy absorption, the oils will hydrate and rejuvenate your partner’s skin, so the benefit is threefold: relaxation, hydration and rejuvenation. You can use it on all skin types, even sensitive ones.

2. Lulu Lube: aromatic oil based on geranium leaf

Lulu Lube has an infusion lotion of geranium leaf whose pump facilitates its dispensing.

Your partner’s skin and yours they will be hydrated since its formula replaces dryness. The best thing is that it will not leave your skin greasy or oily.

3. Weleda: pack of natural aromatic oils

Weleda’s lotions brings a pack of 6 aromatic oils: Birch Cellulite Oil, Arnica Massage Oil, Relaxing Lavender Body Oil, Wild Rose Body Oil, Sea Buckthorn Body Oil and Pomegranate Regenerating Body Oil. Free of synthetic preservatives and dyes.

Replenishes, balances and hydrates Your partner’s skin and yours with these indulgent body oils. Perfect, if you or your partner have sensitive skin.

4. Majestic Pure: coconut based aromatic oil

Majestic Pure offers a lotion based on coconut oil it does not stain clothes and sheets, so it washes easily. It has a very long service life.

It is moisturizer and softenerIn addition, you can give it uses beyond massage, as a moisturizing lotion, lubricant, lip balm, deodorant, shampoo … In addition, you can mix it with other oils.