It is well known to many that the Asian culture It is one of the most popular worldwide for its knowledge and wisdom in everything related to good luck, fortune and prosperity; and that is why there are so many lucky charms or symbols Asians, who proclaim this ancient knowledge and help us improve many aspects of our lives. That is why if you are looking to improve your success and fortune Take a look at these charms that will open all doors for you at work or at your business:

1. Pendant coins with red thread

This pendant is made with genuine Chinese lucky coins and an infinite knot with red thread, the color that represents the prosperity and fortune.

You can hang it on the door of your house, room or even in the rear-view mirror of your car, so you can carry that touch of luck always with you.

2. Amulet of Money Tree

Made with resin that resembles bronze, this coin shaped tree amulet is a powerful magnet for prosperity and fortunes.

You can place it on your desk or anywhere in your home or office to attract the best energy and make the money and riches.

3. Lions Fu for protection

With a traditional jade look, this pair of Fu lions are not only ideal as a decorative piece of any space, they are also great protectors of luck.

Just as it is important to attract fortunes, it is also vital protect them; and that is why Fu lions will have a mission of great importance in your home or in your workplace.

4. Fortune frog stop

This powerful amulet is made of a material that simulates jade. It has bright reds on its back to attract prosperity, and a coin in his mouth for riches.

Lucky frogs have become very popular in recent times, not only for their peculiar appearance, but also for their great powers of attraction.