Enjoy a coffee worthy of a barista in the comfort of your home.

One of the drinks that delight most for its aroma, flavor and color is the coffee. Without a doubt, it is the favorite option for many in the morning, and especially when accompanied by a delicious sparkling milk to soften and nuance your flavor. That is why if you want to prepare delicious cups in the comfort of your home and like a professional, you must have one of the milk warmers and sparklers that we show you below:

1. Codes Cucina: automatic milk heater

Milk frother electric with automatic function. It makes cold or hot milk foam, as well as whipping it for different types of coffee. In turn, the heating temperature of the milk is within the SCA recommendations of 55 to 65 ° C.

East Heater It performs a silent and fast operation when it vaporizes the milk. Its maximum heating capacity of milk is 10.14 oz 300 ml and the foam is 5.07 oz.

2. It cures: milk warmer and frother

Reliable model of milk heater, frother and frother automatic. Its maximum capacity is 125 ml for milk foam preparation and 250 ml for hot milk preparation.

Features an exterior of steel stainless steel with vacuum insulation and a secure removable base, as well as a brush that facilitates the cleaning process.

3. CUSIBOX: automatic steel skimmer

Milk frother and frother with automatic system. Made of steel material stainless and resistant. This product has multiple functions, such as frothing, steaming, heating and cooling milk, which allows preparing various types of coffee.

The milk frother electric It is designed with a high-quality stainless steel interior and a BPA-free plastic exterior.

4. Veken: milk frother with hot and cold function

Model stainless and electric milk frother with useful hot and cold function. It has a quiet operation that also minimizes spills. Safety features include automatic shutdown and a nonstick coating.

Ideal for preparing coffee, tea, hot chocolate and matcha. This heater automatic It has a foam capacity of 150 ml and a heating capacity of 300 ml.