An accessory that looks amazing with any garment in your wardrobe.

Within the clothing that we use daily we can count on a series of accessories that have as a priority to complement our look, as well as to highlight some of our garments. In this sense, the belts They are a fabulous option to give a more chic addition to our appearance, so this time we show you some options with a print of Animal Print that never go out of style.

1. Buckle circular high quality


It has been manufactured with the highest quality materials that resemble the skin of a snake. A completely made accessory by hand with a series of details that help to highlight the rest of your clothes.

Its exotic design gives it a unique and elegant look that can be combined with any of your favorite outfits and also gives it a more female and special.

2. Faux fur print with velvet

It has been designed in a classic buckle closure style and can be drilled with new holes so it can better fit your body size. It is made with synthetic skin and with a velvet surface.

It is a good accessory for you to use with your jeans or casual pants, dresses, long sweaters, cardigans, loose shirts and many more styles. A very versatile belt that is perfect for any season or occasion.

3. Carving accessory big

This is a belt made of synthetic leather that simulates the pigment and pattern made of calf leather, it is also equipped with a wide resistant metal buckle. It can be adapted to any waist size.

The ideal option to use on any occasion and give the finishing touch to any attire Whether it’s a pair of jeans, a dress or to add shape and style to any jacket.

4. Double buckle ring


It is a belt made of quality synthetic leather, soft and comfortable to use. It has a smooth and attractive design vintage that never goes out of style. It is made from a durable material that is tough to withstand daily wear and tear.

With an original double circle buckle it is very easy to put on and take off. A very versatile accessory that you can combine with any of your favorite clothes and make it stand out.