The digestion It is one of the fundamental processes to maintain the health of our body. In this sense, it is important to consume foods rich in fiber and drink plenty of water so that this process can be carried out without problems. However, although not many know it, the way that the vast majority of us sit in the toilet It also influences our digestion, and the truth is that it is not entirely beneficial to our body. The best way to go to the bathroom is with one of the banks that we will show you next, with which you will adopt an adequate and correct posture for your digestive process.

1. Bank for seat of the toilet


Designed in 2 sizes that work perfectly with any standard toilet. The bench is made of polyurethane strong and durable which is also very easy to clean.

At first you can feel it differently, but over time your body adapts quickly to this new way of going to the bath. For most, the difference is immediate.

2. Piece of furniture moisture resistant folding


It is a stool with an exclusive folding design, which makes it easier to store and transport. You can place it behind the toilet or inside a closet until its use is necessary.

Allows you to achieve a optimal position Squatting for easier and healthier bowel movements. It also reduces stress and relieves pain caused by constipation or hemorrhoids.

3. Bank of bamboo for the toilet


Made with bamboo flip with a Smart design which helps align the colon for better waste removal without requiring so much effort, thus managing to meet the needs of any

It can comfortably fit any standard toilet and allows you to adapt a position in squatting which is much more beneficial for your digestive system. All you need to do is sit down, put your feet on the stool and relax.

4. Bath stool stackable


Works perfectly with all standard size toilets and is designed to create the perfect position the potty by leaning slightly forward. It is strong, durable and easy to store after use.

Allows you to take the most position natural and it represents the healthiest way to quickly eliminate waste from the body. It is suitable for use by the whole family and can hold up to 350 pounds.