A cup of tea that will help your body every morning.

Bay leaves are perfect for seasoning and giving exquisite flavor to some dishes, but the Laurel tea benefits in your body, they are amazing. A cup of bay tea, is calorie and caffeine free and has vitamins B and C, minerals like iron, magnesium and zinc. We give you 4 benefits for which you will love bay tea.

1. It is perfect if you want to lose weight, because it accelerates the metabolism

Laurel tea helps speed up metabolism, this is because it is an excellent diuretic. This will help you have better digestion And with this, losing weight will be much easier. It is recommended that you consume it every morning accompanied by a balanced diet.

If you want to sweeten, do it with monk sugar or a sweetener no calories. Its flavor is refreshing. So start with a cup, to have the body you want.

2. Reduces stress and prevents anxiety

One of the properties of bay tea is that they help reduce high levels of stress, this is because it has a muscle relaxation compound. In other words, if in the morning you know that it will be a day of great action and tension, a cup of tea will help you to relax and think clearly.

It is caffeine free so you can consume bay leaf at the time you prefer, in case you choose to drink it at night as well. Laurel is also a great ally for have no anxietyIt makes your body relax and prevents those overwhelming moments from coming.

3. Prevents you from getting sick, because it takes care of the immune system

One of the benefits of laurel is that it is an antiseptic, expectorant and anti-inflammatory. So it keeps you from getting sick from flu or cold. If you are sensitive to allergy issues, bay leaf will also help prevent these allergies from occurring. Laurel has no complications or causes any irritation to the stomach.

To make a bay leaf infusion, just place a few leaves in boiling water and consume that infusion. You can add cinnamon or a light vanilla flavor. Avoid adding sugar to avoid adding calories.

3. Relaxes the body and calms bumps and inflammations

If your body is sore or you had a blow, it helps to deflate that area in a short time. Well the laurel is a excellent anti-inflammatory natural. If you had a blow, you can place some bay leaves in the area, if you have pain from the menstrual period, it can also help you, drinking a cup of tea.

You can make a tea, an infusion or even put some bay leaves in the tub, after that bath you will notice how your body feels more relaxed. There are sprays that help pain and will be perfect to have in the medicine cabinet.