An easy way to highlight all the attributes that your body has.

The girdles They are intimate garments that have been specially designed to shape some parts of our body with which we are not entirely comfortable and to be able to show off an incredible figure every time we wear our favorite clothes. This is why we show you below some options in girdles molding machines bodysuit style They have exclusive designs that will highlight each attribute of your body.

1. Latex piece with open waist


It is a double layer compression bodysuit made of latex and spandex high quality, a combination of materials that make it a light, flexible and pleasant to the touch piece. Provides support in the abdomen and waist.

Very convenient for wear under any garment from your wardrobe. In addition to providing a firm fit at the front of your body, it also provides additional support under the arms and back.

2. Bodysuit of round neck


It is a slimming piece made with a high quality fabric that has elastic qualities, is soft to the touch and above all very breathable. Its design adjusts perfectly to the shape of the body.

It adapts to any of the clothes in your wardrobe since its discreet design gives you the possibility of using it under tank tops, jeans, pants, skirts or short dresses. Gives you a softer curved silhouette and an hourglass figure.

3. Belt for treatment post partum


Designed to provide comfortable control of the abdomen and waist while also enhancing the curves of your hips and butt. It conforms perfectly to the silhouette of the woman and allows to show off a slimmer and more defined figure.

You can wear it daily under any of the outfits you wear daily. Its particular design is also ideal to use during recovery processes post partum or surgeries. It is a practical option so you always look fabulous.

4. Compression drop for mold the body


A compression garment that softens comfortably the skin under the bust and around the hips. Its edges are laser cut to give it a smoother look and a precise fit without the need for stitching.

It has been designed to adapt to all kinds of silhouettes. Its design allows total control of the abdomen and waist area to provide a reinforcement to the curves of your body.