Comfortable and practical bottles for you to enjoy delicious drinks

Intake of Water During the day it is essential for you to maintain good hydration, especially while you exercise or when you are in the middle of a hot day. Although not everyone consumes enough, today there are bottles of water with fruit infusers or aromatic herbs that offer the possibility of enjoying a drink with pleasant flavors with all the properties of water. Take a look at these five options with different designs.

1. Bottle with non-slip rubber

It’s a water bottle designed with a 32-ounce capacity fruit infuser. It has a flip top and a non-slip rubber that prevents your drink from spilling. It also includes a cleaning brush made of foam.

This design is made with tritan material that guarantees food grade safety and increased durability. Its design comes with a metal closure that prevents leaks.

2. Thermos of water with insulating sleeve

It is a water bottle that has a fruit infuser that has the capacity to 24 ounces. This container has a locking system that prevents leaks and an insulating sleeve.

If you know the importance of keeping your body hydrated but do not like water alone, you can opt for this versatile option that keeps fruit or aromatic herbs submerged to leave the water with its delicious Natural flavor.

3. Nozzle design blocking

It is a water bottle made of durable tritan plastic and with capacity for 32 ounces. Its design includes a flip-top lid with leak-proof lock and a nozzle that allows a better distribution of the liquid. It’s available in various colors.

It has a standard size that adapts to the size of most car cup holders and has a ring for you to transport it to where you go. Also, it has an infuser that improvement the taste of water.

4. Bottle with removable filter

This water bottle is made of tritan plastic and is equipped with a stainless steel ring to leak test, a removable filter that prevents the mouthpiece from clogging and an insulating neoprene case.

The bottom of the bottle has an infusion compartment that gives you the chance to enjoy your favorite fruits. By keeping them submerged for long time they bring all its flavor and benefits to your drink.