To have your body in harmony with the universe.

The chakras They are centers or points that are in charge of channeling the energy of our being, these are distributed throughout our body and when they are not balanced they can cause physical and emotional discomfort. An excellent way to harmonize our chakras it’s with precious stones, And then we show you some bracelets specially designed for this purpose.

1. Piece with properties healing


This adjustable beaded bracelet has been designed with stones with mystical properties such as amethyst, blue turquoise, imperial jasper, tinted lapis lazuli, red agate, tiger’s eye stone and synthetic amber.

Each of these crystals activate each of the chakras of the body, this accessory is very useful for to meditate, alleviate physical problems and balance the chakras to harmonize your energy flow.

2. Stones representing 7 Chakras


It is a bracelet made with metal alloys, elastic threads and precious stones as amethyst, quartz, rock glass, natural sodalite, green aventurine, yellow aventurine, and red agate.

Each of these stones are responsible for align your chakras, while balancing your energy flow to provide a better mental and physical state. Thanks to its design, you can use it with any of your daily outfits.

3. Accessory to level the chakras


It has been made with stones natural volcanic of low density that have a very light weight. They give you an inner peace that is ideal to calm anxiety and stress states.

Lava rock has the ability to absorb very well essential oils, so you can impregnate this bracelet with your favorite aromas and enjoy them throughout the day. The bracelet has a design that looks amazing on both women and men.

4. Bracelet with the 7 Chakras

This is a beaded bracelet chakras stones natural, braided on a cord that is easy to adjust to your wrist. The piece includes stones of great power such as amethyst solitaire, green turquoise, green jade, tiger’s eye, yellow aventurine and red agate.

It has been specially designed to help you relieve stress daily, allow deep meditation, align the chakras and is also very useful as a diffuser of essential oils.