A garment designed to keep you cool all day.

Transpire It is one of the most uncomfortable things that can happen to a girl, especially when she is in some important commitment at work or personal level. For this reason, many use girdles They help to release all that contained heat and allow the free passage of air. Today there are different types of girdles that help you feel fresher And here we have selected some of the best for you.

1. Training corset sports

This girdle is ideal to go to the gym and do your exercises. It comes in various sizes so it can be adjusted to all body types. Its design allows you to exercise Pressure on specific areas such as the abdomen and back. It is made of soft nylon and elastane fabric.

The mesh it has works as ventilation system that allows you to do all your exercises without allowing sweat to soak into your clothes. It also shapes your figure and makes you look slim.

2. Colombian girdle with orthopedic support

This girdle is full body allowing you to completely shape the entire silhouette of the person. It is ideal for when you need to put pressure on specific places of the body. This design makes it a suitable garment for use during post-operative treatments.

The girdle shapes your whole figure and also has an anti-perspiration system that allows you to stay cool all day. You can use it with your sportswear to go to the gym or even under your everyday outfits.

3. Vest breathable to lose weight

This girdle is ideal for compression on areas such as the abdomen, stomach and back. It is made of polyester and very good quality spandex which makes it durable. It has a double security system that allows you to further define your figure.

The girdle helps you maintain a position more suitable and healthy for your body. Shape the figure and it is available in colors such as brown and black so you can choose which one best suits your outfits.

4. Girdle pant style short

This girdle is made of spandex, it has a seamless and light textured shorts design so that it is not marked under clothing. It comes in black and beige colors, it also has a shape that allows it to cover from the waist to the middle leg.

It is ideal to go to the gym because you lets move very easily and also has a ventilation system that when perspiring does not let sweat wet your clothes.