Do you want to take the best photos with a cheap cell phone? In this guide we show you 4 options with an excellent price-quality ratio and recognized brands in Amazon.

1. Samsung Galaxy A50

From the middle range of Samsung, East A50 cell It has a triple rear camera with quality 25MP, 5MP and 8MP lenses and has a flash. The triple camera allows to achieve effects like wide angle and portrait, to have more possibilities in photography. As for its front camera, it’s 25MP quality too. In this cell of Samsung We find a 6.4 ”Full HD screen, 64GB internal memory and 4GB of RAM.

With a price of $ 239, this Samsung cell phone offers high quality lenses, and also a very good performance in relation to its price. One of the most mentioned disadvantages is that its fingerprint reader is on the screen, which makes unlocking slower. But customers in Amazon they mention it is a very good quality product, ideal for people who use their cell phones a lot.

2. Xiaomi Redmi Note 7

From the Xiaomi brand, this cell phone has highest quality camera, with a 48MP and 5MP dual rear lens. In order for the cell phone to take 48MP photos, it is necessary to activate this option from the camera. On the other hand, its front camera is 13MP. In this Redmi Note 7 model we get a 6.35 ”screen in Full HD, 64GB internal memory and 4GB RAM.

This is the cheapest cell phone from the guide, priced at $ 181.98 because it’s from a relatively new brand in the Chinese home market, Xiaomi. In addition, it is the best-selling cell phone and it has a good rating from customers on Amazon. They emphasize its construction, its fast performance and its low price, which make it an ideal model for people looking for a quality cell phone without spending a lot of money.

3. Huawei P30 Lite

This Huawei brand cell phone has a triple rear camera with Leica’s renowned brand lenses, 24MP, 8MP and 5MP. In the front camera, it has 32MP and is the best camera selfie of the guide. It has a 6.15 ”LCD screen, 128GB of internal memory and 4GB of RAM.

Although it is the most expensive in the guide, with a price of $ 255 it has a very high valuation by customers in Amazon. They highlight its large memory capacity, much higher than other cell phones in the same price range, its good build quality and great battery life.

4. BLU G9 Pro

The BLU G9 Pro cell phone has a similar design to previous models, with a camera A.I. triple 20MP, 16MP and 5MP that includes night mode and flash. These lenses are from the Sony brand, and offer the possibility of taking photos at night and in portrait mode. In the front, it has a camera selfie 24MP. Its screen is 6.3 ”in Full HD, 128GB of internal memory and 4GB of RAM.

With an original price of $ 249.99, you can find this BLU cell at $ 189.99 for your current discount. Its large internal memory stands out, although its cameras are the lowest quality in the guide. At Amazon, customers mention that it is a quality cell phone, with a large battery, supports fast charging and very good performance.