An effective way to enjoy a good coffee at the time you want.

There is nothing more delicious than starting the day with an exquisite cup of coffee, although sometimes our pace of life is so accelerated that we even enjoy the coffee It can be a bit complicated. The best way to drink coffee is that it is at the right temperature, and today there are ceramic cups with temperature control so you can quietly enjoy your drink at any time.

1. Smart mug with control temperature

It is a cup equipped with a long-lasting battery and temperature control to keep coffee hot for up to an hour and a half, all this just by having the battery at 100%.

Detects shape intelligent the moment of turning on and off, in this way the cup enters suspension mode when it is empty and activates immediately when it detects movement or liquid inside it.

2. Ceramic mug with smart control

It is a coffee mug with a temperature control that you can easily adjust through the button on the handle. In addition, it offers more functions such as remote temperature changes and you can select the color of the LED light.

A very elegant and easy to use device. You don’t need to manually turn the cup on or off to keep your hot coffee. It automatically turns on when it detects movement or liquid.

3. Smart container with temperature control

This is a mug with a long battery life that has a temperature control to keep your coffee hot for up to three hours, or even during all day if you leave it on its charger in the form of a cup holder.

It has a cover to leak test, so you can take the coffee with you wherever you go and also its design is safe so you can wash it in one hand.

4. Cup for coffee with heater


A device that includes a stainless steel heater that has command controls with tactile technology, led screen and a waterproof plate. Its screen is capable of displaying the temperature in ºF or ºC.

The mug has a safety handle so you can enjoy your coffee without burning your hands. Includes a non-slip silicone sleeve and a stylish finish.