A practical and original option to have your floor always clean.

Maintain the floor of our house clean and without a trace of dust It is important not only for health, but also for tranquility and good coexistence. And if you are one of those who constantly cares about keeping the home in total neatnesstake a look at the slippers that we show you next, that with its cleaning sponge and microfiber sole will help you maintain the spotless floor just by walking from one place to another. You will surely love them.

1. Washable slippers with microfiber coral sole

These sneakers have been designed with microfiber chenille and it comes in different sizes. They are very comfortable and their sole is removable for easy washing in the washing machine.

They are easy to clean and absorb water quickly. They can be used on wood, ceramic, or tile floors in the kitchen, bedroom, or bathroom.

2. Mapo type covers for shoes

This set of five pairs of shoe covers made in different colors They are designed with chenille fiber material and a built-in elastic band.

These covers easily clean dust, pet dirt and hair, in addition to being used as a mop can be used to clean the floor, wash cars, desks, window glass and much more.

3. Microfiber slippers to clean

These doggy-style sneakers have been made with microfiber coral material that have an interior length of 10 inches by 25 centimeters. It has superfine fibers that make them absorbent of water and clean the dust without leaving scratches on the floor.

They are thick and comfortable fabric with good air permeability, the toes are free and can be used to clean the office, the family room, the bedroom, the bathroom, the kitchen and the balcony floor.

Mat slippers with removable mop

These sneakers have been designed with microfiber material chenille plus pink velvet. It has a removable sole, easy to clean, with strong water absorption, non-slip and silent. It is super soft and durable over time.

Well builded, comfortable, functional and attractive; So is this pair of slippers that you can use on wooden floors, tiles in kitchens, bedrooms or bathrooms.