Decrease wrinkles with collagen.

Creams with collagen help to reduce wrinkles, as it helps cells to regenerate and cares for tissues from age wear. When combined with retinol, hyaluronic acid or vitamin C, it helps make it a very powerful antioxidant and can prevent wrinkles and diminish them. The use of collagen is ideal from the age of 20, as its production begins to decrease. If you have mature skin it is a perfect complement to your beauty routine.

1. Collagen cream that helps give maximum hydration

This collagen cream helps the skin to be healthy and hydrated. Contains collagen particles that have a liquid consistency that help keep your face hydrated and retain the exact amount of moisture. It also contains baobab oil that helps your skin has more water and is more elastic.

It must be applied at the end of your beauty routine, it can be applied in the morning and at night regardless of skin type. Well, because it has more water in its ingredients, it makes It will help oily, dry and combination skin.

2. Collagen, vitamin C and retinol to combat wrinkles and have an even tone throughout the face

This wrinkle cream is very powerful and is ideal for women or men who already notice a bit of wrinkles on their faces. Contains collagen, vitamin C, and retinol. Together they help to give an even tone to the skin, to fight against free radicals, to delay the signs of aging for its antioxidants and to give it more elasticity.

The use of retinol and vitamin C is essential to use sunscreen and apply every 2 times, because the skin works it in depth and is more susceptible to the rays of the sun. If you have sensitive skin, test your arm first to see if it doesn’t irritate.

3. Collagen cream, vitamin c and hyaluronic acid to give it elasticity

This wrinkle cream contains collagen and vitamin C, improving the production of collagen in the skin, giving more elasticity, firming and improves cell renewal. If you have dark spots or an uneven tone, this cream will help you to have an even tone and your skin will look radiant. Thanks to hyaluronic acid, it hydrates and restores the skin.

It is perfect to use from 25 years. If using products with AHA, BHA or niacinamide could cause irritation since they do not get along very well with vitamin C. For this use some at night and others in the day so that they do not cause irritation, but not together.

4. Collagen and retinol a cream for wrinkles in mature skin

Retinol is an acid that helps a lot of mature skin, since it acts depth in the layers of the skin, and it can give you an even tone and visibly reduce wrinkles. The use of retinol should be added gradually in the routine, as it is an acid that can irritate many skin at first.

If you are over 35 years old, retinol is perfect, because the results of using retinol on mature skin are more noticeable. If you use retinol, do not apply high amounts of vitamin C because it can irritate the skin. This wrinkle cream has 97% satisfaction.