The protein that eliminates the effects of premature aging.

Something common today is the concern of people to stop the aging, and it is that as the years pass the skin loses elasticity and the first wrinkles appear. For this reason it is important that you know the needs of your dermis and look for alternatives that help you counteract the effects of age.

You have the solution naturally in your own body and it is called collagen; a protein that plays a fundamental role in regenerating the cells of the dermis and keeping it smooth. It is also part of the tissue structure of the skin and the muscular system. The problem is that as the years go by, the production of collagen decreases or simply stops being generated.

There are also certain habits that can drastically reduce collagen levels in the Body and cause severe long-term problems. A sedentary lifestyle, the accumulation of stress or excessive consumption of alcohol can cause premature aging of the cells in charge of generating this protein.

So that this does not happen and the production of the protein is stimulated, it is important that you maintain a balanced diet with many vegetables and fruits that are foods rich in amino acids. That you do exercises to stimulate blood flow, oxygenation and hormonal secretion. And that you reduce sun exposure as much as possible and use creams that contain high protection factors when you leave home. In this way you will prevent the collagen in your body from decreasing and affecting your health.

Although these habits can be extremely beneficial in maintaining a production of constant collagen in the body, over the years it becomes more difficult to generate these compounds naturally. It is for this reason that within modern medicine certain tools which, together with adequate food and physical activity, can delay the symptoms of aging.

But in addition to all this, you can resort to supplements collagen that have a combination of hyaluronic acid and vitamin C that are responsible for covering the deficit of this protein so that the joints and ligaments are maintained hydrated and lubricated. At the same time that it brings moisture to the dermis; eliminates acne, reduces blemishes and smoothes expression lines.

Simply put, these supplements are products They work to decrease the side effects caused by age and maintain good body health in general. Below we show you about 4 options that will allow you to have renewed skin and healthier joints.

1. Supplement with vitamin C

This amino acid supplement is essential to strengthen bones and prevent joint pain that occurs over the years. In addition, it has a high content of vitamin C which is necessary for the renewal of cartilage, capillaries, fibers and collagen.

Normally when reaching 30 years of age, collagen production decreases dramatically, causing the skin to become wrinkled and hair and nails to stop growing. This is why it is important that you have a balanced diet where you include plenty of vegetables and fruits so that your immune system remains healthy and prevents premature aging. To make the positive results in your health appear faster, you can consume this collagen supplement regularly to make your skin look more firm and hydrated.

2. Pills with peptides collagen

The body is able to naturally produce collagen, the problem is that over time production decreases and is reflected with the appearance of wrinkles, skin spots and painful joints. This supplement has five types of different collagens that combined with extracts of fish, grass, chicken and eggshell help to slow down premature aging and keep your skin and joints healthy regardless of your age.

A supplement with a hydrolyzed collagen formula, which is a protein that you can find in the skin, bones, cartilage and blood. So it is important that you consume it regularly if you are looking for help to build muscles, regenerate tissues and exercise without suffering from the joints thanks to its anti-inflammatory action. It is also ideal for you to achieve radiant skin, as it reduces expression lines, wrinkles and annoying stretch marks.

3. Supplement of multifaceted collagen

They are multifaceted collagen capsules made with a mixture of chicken, eggshell, fish and beef, ingredients that help rejuvenate and improve hydration, elasticity and firmness of the skin in just 60 days. Also its formula contains biotin, a mixture that works so that your hair and nails grow healthy and stay strong at all times.

Its formula stimulates the strengthening of the bones and helps your joints and muscles to fully recover their mobility. As for skin care, its high content in hyaluronic acid and vitamin C help you reduce dehydration so that your dermis stays healthy and more flexible.

4. Supplement with hyaluronic acid

It is a type one, two and three collagen supplement that has an advanced formula rich in hyaluronic acid which stimulates the connective tissues while strengthening bones, tendons, joints, and ligaments. Likewise, this compound stimulates the production of elastin, a fiber that provides elasticity to the skin, tones it, reduces expression lines and maintains its hydration.

You can turn to this supplement that contains proteins that help you strengthen the connective tissues of the skin to decrease or erase stretch marks and wrinkles, as well as the effects of cellulite. It also offers you the option of reducing fracture risks and improve mobility by providing flexibility to all your joints. Not only does it delay the signs of aging, but it works together to ensure that your hair and nails can grow in a healthier and stronger way.

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