Retouch and clean your hair at the same time.

If you dye your hair copper, brown and dark colors, these colored lacquers will help you to touch up the roots and at the same time, they are dry shampoo. It is perfect to get you out of trouble, if you have not had time to color your hair and you also want volume and that your hair is clean. You can use them every day, they resist sweat and can last up to 2 or 3 days completely clean.

1. Keracolor: 4 colors that can cover gray hair throughout your hair and leave it clean

This dry shampoo with color, there are 4 different colors. Black, platinum, pink and purple. It helps to remove dirt so that the hair does not smell bad and absorb excess oil on your scalp. You can cover the gray hair, to do this do not place the lacquer with color very close to the scalp, place it about 15 cm from your scalp, so that the product can be spread very well.

To remove the color from the color lacquer, washing it with shampoo will suffice. Perfect for me to give you volume, cleanliness and color.

2. Batiste: gives you volume and can fill in the spaces where you have less hair

Do you already notice entries in the area of ​​your forehead or less hair on the sides? The dry shampoo with color helps you fill in those spaces and make it feel like you have more hair. This dry shampoo with brown color can also give you volume, to achieve this you must put hairspray a little bit away from your hair, and separate it by sections and then comb it. It helps you give volume and cover gray hair.

Always shake it very well before use You can help all the ingredients mix very well and thus avoid white residues.

3. AG Hair: controls sebum secretion and prevents frizz

This colored dry shampoo is perfect for oily hair, as it has tapioca starch that helps eliminate sebum secretion on the scalp and it has silk protein to prevent frizz. It gives shine and color to cover the root. It is a product that lasts for several days if you do not want to wash your hair.

Shake it very well, after applying and brush your hair to spread the product all over your hair. Then you can style.

4. Hask: cleanses and gives hair movement

This colored lacquer contains charcoal, rice starch that together helps prevent bad odor, controls sebum, cleans and gives it softness. This dry shampoo can be a great element if you have a keratin treatment, because not washing your hair more often helps the keratin in your hair last longer.

After applying it you will notice cleaner and fresher hair. It is a lacquer with color free of sulfates, parabens, aluminum and gluten.