Learn how to create your own clothes for little money.

A sewing machine more than an expense it is an investment, because it never hurts to have an instrument that allows you to customize and adjust the clothing to your needs and tastes, especially if you need to save money at home, are losing weight or are entering the world of clothing. So take a look at the following models and choose your favorite to enter the world of fashion.

1. MSDADA: mini sewing machine with tape measure

This sewing machine is electric and comes with tape measure. Great for fabrics, apparel, silk, wool, leather, hems and crafts. Its seam thickness is 1.8MM, so too large or too hard materials cannot be sewn. You need 4 AA batteries or a DC 6v power adapter.

The tool will be fast, portable, compact, light and practical. Perfect for immediate modifications to your clothes and your family’s clothes.

2. Brother: instructional DVD sewing machine

The sewing machine has free arm with 27 points, 1-step automatic size buttonholes, 6-foot seam, free arm and instructional DVD.

It is perfect for a wide range of daily sewing jobs, and for users from beginners to advanced. The best thing about it is that in its upper coil you can put an LED light to work.

3. KPCB Tech: sewing machine made with eco-friendly material

This sewing machine is more durable and of better quality thanks to its improved environmental material. Additionally, the adapter was UL / ETL / CE authenticated to ensure safety. It is compatible with the battery supply for outdoor use.

Sleeve groove makes sewing easier of the sleeves and pants, as their details are designed to sew in the most convenient way. On the other hand, it has two selection speeds according to your needs.

4. SINGER: heavy duty frame sewing machine

The sewing machine has a sturdy metal frame which ensures that the machine remains stationary for a seamless seam. Plus, the stainless steel plate provides smooth fabric feeding for even sewing.

This sewing machine will be mechanical, basic, simple and easy to use. Excellent choice for beginners thanks to its 6 built-in stitches, all with a preset stitch width and stitch length.