Improve your mobility with confidence and security with these scooters.

A knee injury is usually a nuisance very uncomfortable, but also more common than you think. Many people suffer from these injuries especially when practicing some sports discipline because the athlete is prone to their soft tissues Like the ligaments and tendons become inflamed and they produce the injury, and in some severe cases that even damage the bones.

The symptoms that are registered in a person after presenting the injury are commonly knee pain, inflammation, lack of stability when walking or standing. In some people, it could happen that they experience a feeling something brokeThey even hear a dry noise just at the moment the injury occurs. In the most dramatic cases, the leg of the affected knee cannot be properly supported, causing the total body weight to fall on the other leg.

Among the causes of a knee injury are the effect of an impact on the area that occurs when we fall on it. If you practice sports disciplines like run, jump or make quick changes of direction as it happens in soccer. Other situations where a knee injury can occur is when we are overweight or suffer from diseases such as osteoarthritis.

However, there are treatments that can alleviate or heal knee injuries, it all depends on the degree to which it is found. But before, you should keep in mind that prevention it is the best of the actions you can take to avoid further damage, for example; protects the affected area, keep rest for the first two or three days of the injury, gradually resuming movements, apply cold compresses To reduce the inflammation and bruises that come out there, use bandages to compress the joint and raise the knee when you are in rest mode on your bed.

Take note of each of these recommendations, so that you do not have to face possible knee surgery, so follow the prevention methods and also exercise frequently to keep that area in shape, dedicating between 5 and 10 minutes of your day to do some type of exercise that activates the blood flow that goes directly to the muscles, which must be stretched after the exercise.

If you are a very active person who needs to maintain mobility even when you are injured in the knee, then with the recommendation of your trusted doctor, we share these four scooter options, so you can use them as a means of transport so you can move everywhere with ease.

Knee kick scooter and double start system

This scooter is the solution for people suffering from a knee injury, because it allows them to move freely without causing discomfort to the affected area. The Knee Scooter, has a system of four rubber wheels of 7.5 ″, to have better direction and balance when moving, handbrakes that lock and dual-fit and located at the front and rear. It has a handlebar with a quick release folding mechanism, on the knee part it has a padded platform that adjusts very well to give comfort. Its weight is 21 pounds but it has the capacity to support up to 300 pounds of weight.

This scooter is perfect to be used by large people and children, protecting them from injury in that area, during recovery time, during the treatment of a broken foot or ankle, the injured leg or for recovery from foot and ankle surgeries. It is recommended as a replacement for crutches since they provide stability and allow the person to stay indoors and outdoors through the four-wheel system. Do not stay home if you have an injury, go out and enjoy the air and nature while you recover, thanks to this mobility tool.

Scooter to get around with storage basket

This scooter has been designed to help the mobilization of people who have knee injuries and need stay active at all times. It is a walker that is light to carry but super resistant when using and supporting the weight of a person when he presents the disability due to the knee injury giving safety and comfort to the passenger.

It is a form of feel better replacing crutches when moving, thus eliminating pain under the armpits due to its constant use. It can be used indoors as well as outdoors and gives the person greater mobility when they want to take a walk or simply move from one place to another.

3. Adjustable knee walker in pink

This scooter is cute and unique because it is made for that person who injured his knee but needs to have his day to day active and move everywhere by himself. Have a stability and control system since it is airship and for greater safety it has a locking brake that adjusts on the front and rear parts. It has four large and thick wheels, with the support system for the affected knee.

With a cute pink color, this scooter can easily replace crutches and has a support capacity per 300 pound weight. If you are going through this process of taking care of yourself due to an injury to your knee, this skate will be ideal for you to go wherever you want without losing your independence.

4. Scooter four wheels

Made with very resistant material, this special walker for people with knee injuries or recovering from knee or foot surgery. It has four wheels for better handling and greater stability. It also has handlebars and a quick folding mechanism for easy transport and storage.

This cute scooter has handlebars for better use, its handlebar is adjustable and a comfortable cushion where you can support your knee or leg and thus begin to mobilize.