The garments of compression They are a type of clothing that has been specially designed to provide additional support, while improving the appearance of a specific area of ​​the body. Today, they are very popular and we can find a wide variety of designs for specific purposes. The leggings with compression qualities they are special to define and shape each part of your legs. That is why below we show you some of the options to show off the legs that you have loved so much.

1. Shaping Tights Thick


They are made with an exclusive fabric that makes you look perfect legs in any type of training like yoga, running, hiking or just when you go to the gym. Its design combines fashion, functionality and performance.

They are very resistant to wind and humidity, they maintain their color and shape despite being washed, which makes this tissue be suitable for any woman with an active lifestyle. Comfortable to always carry wherever you go.

2. Leggings of training


They are strong compression pants, made with a breathable seamless fabric that automatically adjusts to the body. They are comfortable and very soft, this makes them an ideal garment to wear daily.

They are specially designed to enhance and accentuate the natural shape of your legs. Its absorbent design makes them perfect to use while practicing yoga, pilates, going to the gym or going for a long walk in the park.

3. Long pants Compression


They are made of a mixture of materials high quality They are fully breathable, moisture resistant, odor proof and antibacterial. They are perfect to improve comfort and freedom of movement while training.

Ideal for both low and high impact sports activities because they are responsible for promoting recovery muscle and jointThis increases blood circulation in the lower half of the body.

4. Tights Of compression


Versatile and comfortable, these pants are perfect for practicing yoga, running, and any other physical activity. They are made of fast dry and they are specifically designed to absorb moisture.

Its elevation is high with anti-fall adjustment and high waist that provides complete coverage. They are designed to move with you and make show off your legs during workouts.