Repair your hair without much effort and thousands of nutrients.

Conditioners were created to detangle, give more nutrients to repair and strengthen your hair. Conditioners are great help for damaged hair, works as a hair treatment. Currently there are several types of conditioners from the traditional ones, those that are masks and those that are applied after leaving the shower.

1. It’s 10 Haircare: creates a protective layer to protect it from damage

This is a conditioner that has keratin, an indispensable protein for your hair to be strong, thicker and have greater elasticity. When applied to the hair, it acts as a protective layer that makes it resistant to sun damage and heat products, prevents frizz and helps prevent hair breakage by preventing split ends.

This conditioner should be applied after your shampoo, leave it to act for about 5 minutes and remove with plenty of water. At the time of applying it try to do it with a comb so that can cover all your hair.

2. L’Oreal Paris: mask to strengthen hair

If you have dry hair, you need nutrients so that your hair can absorb the nutrients so that it can regain shine and be stronger. This conditioner is like a mask, you must apply to your dry hair and leave it to act for at least 5 minutes and then rinse.

This conditioner will help you with those unruly hair, which are usually small; this conditioner smooths and molds them to stay in place. It can be used if you have dyed your hair.

3. Tree to Tub: natural ingredients that revitalize dry hair

This conditioner has argan oil, soothing aloe vera, coconut oil, shea butter, and pomegranate that stimulates hair growth. It is a product free of sulfates, parabens and silicones. It can be used by any type of hair, if you have very oily hair, it will help balance natural oils of your hair. A conditioner that will give nutrients and softness to damaged hair.

This conditioner should be placed on damaged hair, after washing your hair. Let it act for 2 minutes and rinse. Is a very natural product It will help revitalize damaged hair.

4. Maple Holistics: treatment for damaged hair

A conditioner that helps repair damaged hair, eliminates frizz, prevents you from being static, makes it more manageable, since it has 18 amino acids that help to the hair to be strengthened and nourished from its first application. It can be used by any type of hair and will leave it soft, little by little it will recover so that you have healthy hair.

For better performance, avoid sulfate or paraben shampoos, as this will not help damaged hair. This conditioner for damaged hair is one of the Best sellers