At night your skin works better …

The face is made up of a total of 43 different muscles that allow us to carry out a series of movements associated with emotions and expressions, which can be generated in this area. With the passage of time the continuous movements of these muscles together with the action of gravity on the face; are one of the main and most natural causes of wrinkle emergence.

The good thing is that there are alternatives like night creams and masks, which contain properties that can help correct dark pigmentation, achieve an even skin tone, and decrease expression lines so you look younger and fresher.

1. Anti aging night cream with extracts of green tea:

Is anti aging night cream It is made with retinol and hyaluronic acid, ingredients that hydrate the skin, correct wrinkles and reduce blemishes. As well as their combination of vitamins B5, C, E and botanicals that reduce dark spots.

It is a firming anti-aging lotion that increases blood circulation, brightens the skin and balances the pH. Not forgetting that it also contains green tea to relieve inflammation and add a natural t

2. Night cream with collagen and vitamin E – CARSON LIFE:

Carson Life Collagen Cream Vitamin E is formulated to help keep hair, nails and skin as healthy as possible. This collagen cream is designed to offer easy applications. Leaves your skin looking rejuvenated.

Packed with antioxidants, this vitamin E beauty cream protects skin from contamination and premature aging. Maintain a healthy, shiny complexion with this collagen skin cream. Use it before bed so that it works overnight on your relaxed skin.

3. Anti-wrinkle mask X Taz:

X Taz is made in the United States and is specifically for anti-aging, reducing fine lines and wrinkles. It is recommended to use it once a week for 15 to 30 minutes for maximum hydration, before going to bed.

X Taz includes ingredients like pro-vitamin B5, collagen amino acids, and jojoba seed oil. This mask is part of the list of “Amazon’S Choice” with 4.5 stars.

4. Mask for rejuvenation MyM:

Bio-Gold Collagen Mask at night It makes the collagen in your natural skin stay longer and prevents your skin from becoming saggy. This mask will help re-hydrate dry and damaged skin.

To use it, first wash and dry your car. Then apply the mask to your face, wait 20 to 30 minutes while you relax. Peel off the mask carefully, and you’re d