Coconut oil is an excellent ingredient for skin care and of course hair care. Although you can use it from the jar, coconut oil for hair is recommended to combine them with other ingredients that will help you in different ways. Not only using a coconut oil shampoo is an excellent hydrate and care for damage hair. There are also products such as gel, mask, perfect serums to use as tools that will serve to make a hair care treatment.

1. Palmer’s: coconut oil serum that repairs, restructures and shines

Using a hair serum has a higher concentration, so that your hair can have more nutrients in your hair. It has ingredients such as coconut oil, shea butter and cocoa that are responsible for giving it hydration, restructures the hair fiber and it can give it a natural shine.

You can apply it to dry or wet hair, but be sure to spread it all over the hair, because if you don’t do it it can be very heavy. An excellent option for damaged hair, with split ends and brittle.

2. Shea Moisture: hair gel controls frizz

Hair gel is not only for fixing, it is for shaping and even controlling frizz. Coconut oil is rich in nutrients for the hair and even for the skin. This coconut oil hair gel, molds, controls and prevents frizz. It is ideal for any type of hair.

Do not apply as much product, always apply from less to more. With a drop, start combing until it suits your taste. If applied to hair wet the gel is more moldable and you may have more movement without frizz.

3. OGX: coconut oil adds volume to your curls

This is a hair butter that has coconut oil, sweet honey and citrus oils that is responsible for nourishing each curl, give it volume and avoid frizz. It’s perfect for those days when you want them to show more and you want them to stand out in your hairstyle. It also gives it a natural look without making your heavy curls feel.

In addition to giving it volume, it gives it nutrition thanks to coconut oil that has vitamins B and C. An excellent product for stylize and care for your hair. It has a rich aroma, which will remind you of a beach vacation.

Advanced Clinicals: a collagen coconut oil mask to thicken and strengthen hair

This oil and collagen mask will be your savior to give strength to hair follicles, it gives you proteins to prevent hair loss and make it thicker. In addition, it has chiona that reinforces, ginseng that gives it vitality and coconut oil to moisturize and give natural shine. It is perfect for colored and badly damaged hair.

It should be left about 10 minutes, but we recommend about 15 so that your hair can absorb all the nutrients and that when rinsing it you begin to feel the changes little by little. Remember not to brush your hair when it is wet, as this It breaks your hair and it damages it.