A watch in addition to being a accessory that complements our outfits, is the tool that allows us to locate ourselves and be on time in each of our commitments and activities. There are different types ranging from analog classics even the most modern digital, but this time we show you some options in digital watches with big numbers special for the older adults can easily see the time.

1. Clock Digital Chronograph


This is a matte black resin case digital watch with a gold top ring. his LCD display includes data such as time, seconds, day, date and time. Its strap is also made of resin and closes with a buckle.

Additionally it has chronograph, alarm, double time and backlight functions. Designed with quartz movement and water resistance. Their large numbers allow easy reading.

2. Clock Ironman Essential


It is a high performance watch, designed with a matte resin shell, With a silicone strap and buckle closure for a comfortable fit. Its face is round with a digital dial.

The numbers on your screen are big enough to allow easy and comfortable reading. It has backlight modes which also allow you to see the time even in low light conditions.

3. Clock Digital Sports


It features a sleek, large military style sport dial design with light numbers. It is a multifunction watch With auto date, alarm, waterproof, LED display and is shock resistant.

A ideal choice for daily use, also with its strength and durability it can be the perfect companion for any outdoor activity. Best of all, their large numbers allow easy reading of the time.

4. Wristwatch Heart rate


It has been designed as a watch for physical tracking. In this sense, accurately track your steps throughout the day, calorie consumption, distance traveled and heart rate.

It is compatible with most smart watches, In addition to having a screen that allows a clear display of the time, you can receive calls, text messages as well as alerts and notifications.