Eliminate what your body does not need.

Diuretic drinks help the body to flush out toxins and bad substances from your liver so they go to the kidneys and then flush them out in the urine. Diuretic drinks also help detoxify the body, eliminate inflammation, gas formation, a bulging belly and make you feel lighter. We recommend 4 alternatives that will serve you for those moments of inflammation or when you want to give your body a detox.

1. Diuretic drink with ginger, blueberries, green tea and lemon

If you want to eliminate all the toxins from your body, avoid retaining liquids and that you do not feel so inflamed, there are ingredients that will help you achieve this. This is a powder that you can dissolve with any liquid you prefer, it contains matcha green tea, blueberry, ginger and lemon. These ingredients will help any toxic substance go straight to the kidneys to pass it through the urine.

This diuretic drink will help cleanse your kidneys and to feel lighter. Ideal if you are looking for a detox moment for your body.

2. Green tea a natural diuretic drink and powerful antioxidant

If you are looking to eliminate toxins and prevent you from retaining liquids, but have antioxidants for your skin; green tea is your perfect choice. The green tea is a natural detoxifier that cleanses your body, preventing you from retaining liquids and eliminating what your body does not need. It contains caffeine, but without giving you that anxiety that coffee gives some people.

Green tea can have a very strong flavor, because it is the flavor of its antioxidant leaves. It is a diuretic tea to be consumed by men and women, But always do it in the morning or before noon for your caffeine.

3. Diuretic drink with ginger, apple cider vinegar with probiotics to care for the intestinal flora

Ginger, lemon and apple cider vinegar are natural diuretics, which help improve digestion, are detoxifying and anti-inflammatory, which means that you don’t have gas and your kidneys are clean. This is a powder that brings these diuretic ingredients together and adds probiotics to take care of your intestinal flora and prevent diseases of the digestive system.

There are several presentations that will adapt to your need as there are individual or powdered presentations of 150 g. Consume it in the morning after breakfast so you feel much better and without inflammation during the day.

4. Chanca stone, celery, parsley and green tea to eliminate toxins from the body and avoid retaining fluids

Celery and parsley helps your stomach to deflate, it can eliminate what your body does not need, because it contains 2 ingredients that are use to lose weight. The chanca piedra helps that kidney stones do not form and that your body can be clean by eliminating toxins from the body. This is a concentrate that you must dilute with water. And parsley helps you to cleanse the kidneys and thereby eliminate the bad in the urine.

If you are retaining fluids during times of heat, menopause, age or sedentary lifestyle, this concentrate will help you enjoy a diuretic drink in which it will make you feel light.