All kitchens have a tub for Dishwashing, but not all of them have a certain area for removing the frets, especially if you don’t have dishwasher. To give a solution to this there are colanders that allow you to keep your frets in order and dry for next use. Take a look at these options and choose the best one for your kitchen:

1. Aifusi: Stainless steel tray

The tray dish drainer Aifusi brand is made of stainless steel and consists of spaces for dishes, cutlery and other kitchen utensils. It measures 16.7 inches wide by 11.2 long and 5.9 inches tall.

Due to the manufacturing material, the brand guarantees years of duration free of oxides. Due to its size it is special to place directly on your kitchen shelf or on the counter. This tray can also be used to drain your fruits and vegetables after washing them.

2. Kitchen Aid: extra large drainer

Made of stainless steel, the Kitchen Aid tray offers high resistance to rust and duration for years. It has a drain pan to prevent your shelves and countertops from getting wet. The racks provide grip to your tableware.

It also has a removable compartment with handles to place your cutlery and other kitchen items. The panels are translucent for a beautiful appearance in your kitchen. The size is extra large to hold more frets.

3. Better Chef: Drainer Two levels

The Better Chef brand has its fret drainer two-tier to save space in your kitchen. It is made of antioxidant chrome material to guarantee years of use in direct contact with water.

At the top it has enough space and safe for your dishes, at the bottom for other dishes such as bowls and pots among others, while on the sides the spaces are for glasses, cutlery and utensils.

4. Shanik: drainer double position

The dish rack Shanik brand has a design that adapts to all dishwashers, it has expandable bars to hang hanging in the bathtub or you pick them up to place on your kitchen counter.

It is made of material chrome antioxidant to place plates, glasses, cups and pots, as well as two removable plastic pieces to drain cutlery and kitchen utensils. You can also use it to drain the fruits and vegetables after washing them.