Take care of your body and prevent infection in the urine.

Sometimes urinary infections can occur continuously, there are thousands of reasons why they can happen, from the consumption of any medication, lack of hydration, not drinking enough natural water or hormonal changes. To avoid burning with urination, pelvic pain, the need to continually go to the bathroom, there are drinks that can help you recover quickly, accompanied by an antibiotic if the case is very severe.

1. Lakewood: cranberry juice to kill bacteria

Blueberry, being a drink with excellent antioxidants, helps to restore electrolytes, makes your urinary tract is cleaned, it prevents bacteria from forming and you can regularly go to the bathroom avoiding the formation of kidney stones. It has vitamins C, E, K and magnesium that help keep your cholesterol in balance and raise your defenses.

You can drink this take every day, and if you are on your period or have been on a long period consuming medications, this helps to completely clean the urinary tract.

2. Buddha Teas: parsley tea relieves burning, itching and calms menstrual cramps

Parsley acts as an antibiotic that reduces inflammation and the formation of infections, so it is a great alternative to heal any type of urinary infection. Parsley has a lot of iron, it also helps calm the menstrual cramps. Its flavor can be very strong, but you can add a natural sweetener to take it in the morning and at night.

A few days after consuming parsley tea, you will notice how you have less burning, itching and the feeling of going to the bathroom disappears. It does not contain caffeine so you can consume it at any time.

3. Vita Coco: coconut water one of the best diuretics

Coconut water is a natural diuretic so it helps to prevent bacteria from forming and your body to eliminate what it does not need. It also helps don’t get dehydrated, you have more hydration on your skin and it contains more electrolytes than natural water. Its flavor is very rich and natural, without having as much sugar.

Helps you avoid infections urinary tract And it can even control cholesterol and relieve stomach pain. You can always combine it with other drinks or with your smoothie in the morning.

4. Celebration Herbals: prevents kidney stones

Horsetail tea has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, making it a great natural diuretic. It also serves to eliminate salt from your body and other compounds that make you feel full or bloated. If you are dieting, it is a tea that will help you a lot, since it eliminates toxins and serves to purify your body in its entirety.

Avoid urinary infections and prevents stones In the kidneys with these drinks you will notice how consuming the horsetail tea will help you to avoid complications and be a great supplement. A cup will take care of your body.