Drinks with electrolytes for the whole family.

Electrolytes are mineral salts in our bodies, but dehydration evaporates them and can make you feel tired, dizzy, with muscle pain, fatigue and more. Consuming a drink with electrolytes helps your body absorb the minerals you need and make you feel better. Electrolyte drinks are perfect after you get sick to the stomach or the flu, drink excessively, do a long exercise routine, or are in high temperatures. They will help you feel better in a matter of minutes.

1. DripDrop: electrolytes with potassium, magnesium, glucose and sodium

Whether after getting sick to your stomach or having a cold, your body needs to be more hydrated and drinking water is not enough. This is an electrolyte drink that has sodium, potassium, magnesium and glucose. It is a powder that should only be dissolved in water and that’s it.

This blackberry-flavored electrolyte drink reaches the bloodstream, so that he recovers quickly muscle cramps, headaches, dizziness, and fatigue. It has 84% ​​satisfaction, it can be consumed by children and older adults.

2. Dr. Price’s Vitamins: a drink with more than 72 minerals

If you went out partying and spent a bit of consuming alcoholic beverages, your body needs to recover. Electrolyte drinks are the best to replenish your body. This brand has electronics with more than 72 minerals without sugar and with stevia extract that will help you to hydrate quickly and feel better.

It is a water soluble powder, that you can take it anywhere and always have it in your belongings whether you feel bad at work, when you are traveling or after being exposed to high temperatures for a long time.

3. Liquid I.V.: essential minerals and vitamins for your daily energy

Dehydration is not just from being in the sun or doing physical activity, it is also from lack of vitamins, diseases of the nervous, immune and digestive systems. Electrolyte drinks work to help your body replenish itself and prevent you from having severe pain, fainting, fatigue, confusion and sleep. Drinking hydrating drinks is not a bad thing even if you don’t have any symptoms, because it hydrates the body and that helps to have more energy during your activities.

This electrolyte has 11 essential minerals and vitamins. It comes in individual packages so you can have the daily dose of hydration needed whether you go out at night, train or work. It has 76% satisfaction with more than 1000 sales.

4. Ultima Replenisher: sugar and calorie free electrolyte drinks

If you feel exhausted after a hot day or have been sick to the stomach or the flu, your body needs to recover and does not have the necessary hydration. This drink with electrolytes has magnesium, potassium, sodium, chloride, calcium and phosphorus, in addition to vitamins they can help you replenish yourself, the best thing is that it has no sugar or calories. Even if you don’t consume it on a daily basis, it’s great to have it home for times of emergency.

This trade mark it has different flavors and presentations if you want one to take to work, on the go or to the gym. Recover the hydration that your body with a drink with electrolytes.