To have a little more privacy inside your house.

The Privacy it is something to which every human being has a total right, especially if it is inside their home. We all need a space where we can spend some quiet time without stress. And if you have neighbors who like to snoop, it is best to choose one of these Blinds so you can regain intimacy within your home.

1. Security blinds without string

Made with imported PVC material, these blinds protect the house and allow blocking excess light so you can sleep late. They are pieces strong and durable that will work for a long time. They come in pastel shades, white or gray and are safe for children.

These blinds will look great in any room in the house where you decide to locate them because they provide all the Privacy that you need so much in your home.

2. Pleated fabric lampshade with light filter

These blinds are made of light filtering fabric and are available in white tones so that you can combine them with the rest of the decoration in your room. They filter the light softly and completely block UV rays.

Privacy is the main function of these blinds that have a perfect fit and do not require tools or supports to be installed.

3. Magnetic window cover easy to install

Maintaining privacy in the spaces of your home is the main function of these standard size blinds. They are easy to install, you only need to place a couple of magnetic discs under the window.

Don’t let anyone invade your privacy, protect your home with these white shutters that you can even install in the doors of your house because their size allows them to be easily adjusted.

4. Vertical blinds with relief

These blinds are beautiful accessories that beautify even more your spaces. They have been designed for large windows. They are extremely easy to install and come with included hardware.

Your privacy will be well cared for with these blinds, their design makes them easy to clean with a damp cloth. They are strong and durable, so you can enjoy a totally private room for a long time.