A simple and effective tool for the care of your beauty.

Being ours skin the organ that protects our body from the harmful elements found outside, we must give it the utmost care so that it looks flawless.

Our face is the first thing that society sees and says a lot about who we are. When the necessary time begins to be invested in our skin, it will not only protect it from all external agents, but it helps us feel more secure.

But, to be able to give the required care you must first know that what is your type of skin. If you still don’t know, we will help you identify them. There are three types: oily, dry and combination skin, which are classified depending on their texture and appearance.

The Oily skinThey are characterized by the fact that the pores remain open and there is a greater production of sebum (natural lubrication), most of which is concentrated in the T zone (nose and forehead) so that it is very wet or greasy. These types of skins are more likely to suffer from blackheads.

The other type of skin is dry skin and they are the opposite of oily skin, because it produces less sebum and its appearance is more opaque. This type of skin begins to create a dermal barrier to protect itself similar to scales. Finally we have the mixed skins, and it is when the two types of skin (oily skin and dry skin) appear in different areas of the face.

The outer layer of the skin (dermis) is constantly changing and can change its texture. That is, it can become drier or more greasy depending on the age and season of the year. That is why it is advisable to apply specific products depending on the time you are in.

Developing good habits skin care It is important, as it stimulates to restore cells so that you can do a better job and avoid blemishes such as acne, blackheads, dryness, expression lines, irritation, sensitivity, hyperpigmentation, scars and other skin problems can be prevented if we We propose to take care of the skin.

A habit that we must develop is to completely remove the makeup. We can do this after arriving from work or college. Having a series of steps accompanied by products that guarantee us to remove, cleanse, hydrate and tone the skin deeply helps us to eliminate dirt and germs that we catch when we get out of the shower. It is important that before sleeping you do not forget this good habit, it is a refreshing sensation to have a clean and purified skin.

If you want to have beautiful skin, it is important to be consistent and spend time caring for your skin. Remember that consistency is important if we want to have results that we like. In addition, it will help you financially in the future, because you do not generate expenses in expensive treatments and visits to the dermatologist.

Currently, the facial rollers They began to be a trend in social networks and a large part of the female population uses it for the care of their skin. There are a huge number of facial roller designs, some are made of gemstones like jade or rose quartz and others are made of aluminum. They have many benefits such as reducing puffiness, bags under the eyes, increasing blood circulation, disappearing expression lines, draining excess fluids and stimulating the lymphatic system. It even has healing and energetic attributes. They are very easy to use, you only have to slide it on your face for three to five minutes and you can accompany them with serum, toners, moisturizers and oils.

Below we show you a list of four different facial rollers You will love them and you can use them in the morning and at night to prevent or treat blemishes on your skin.

1. Roller sets jade and quartz

This is a four-piece set that has been created with all-natural stones, brass, and green jade and quartz. Each of the pieces has a metal handle that fits easily in your hand and gives you a comfortable and secure grip. The rose quartz roller has two ends of different sizes that help you cover different areas of the face.

It will increase the blood circulation of your face preventing the annoying expression lines from appearing. It also helps reduce swelling and inflammation on your skin, because when you slide some of these pieces across your skin they help stimulate lymphatic drainage. It will be very useful during the morning when you wake up with your swollen eyelids and want to solve it in a more natural way.

2. Hexagonal roller with 30 massage stones

This type of roller is known as uplifting because it has a different hexagonal shape than the other rollers. It has been created with very light aluminum and has 30 massage stones filled with germanium powder to give you vitality and elasticity your skin to rejuvenate it. Includes a cloth bag for you to store while you are not using it.

Passing this roller on your skin will reduce scars, blemishes, wrinkles and expression lines, because its stones deeply tighten and firm facial muscles. You can also use it to relieve tension in the head, jaw, neck and back.

3. Roll with sonic energy

Roller with two interchangeable heads that have been designed with technology to reach the most difficult areas of your face. Emits more than 6000 vibrations per minute to stimulate collagen, the lymphatic system and increase blood circulation. It works with AA batteries.

You can use it anywhere on your skin. It will help increase the metabolism of the skin and reactivate the cells. Ideal to use before sleeping and after waking up so that you have a face full of energy and vitality.

Also for being wireless and compact in sizeIt will not take up much space in your bag and will accompany you wherever you go to enjoy a relaxing and healthy facial massage.

4. Electric roller pink quartz

This facial roller that emits multiple vibrations to massage your face. It has been designed with two interchangeable heads that focus on different areas of the face. It works with AA batteries.

It will help reduce expression lines and wrinkles that appear over the years and stimulate collagen production. For best results, we recommend letting it cool down before using it.