The skin Our face is one of the areas that are most exposed to different external factors that tend to wear down the cells that make up the skin. Sun, wind or even humidity can affect our skin causing blemishes, fine lines and even wrinkles. In this sense, this area requires much more rigorous care than other parts of the body, so today we present vaporizers They are excellent tools to make your face look younger again.

1. Facial vaporizer ionic


This is a new type of vaporizer that is made with a heating system that combines the water particles and ultrasonic technology to produce steam charged with negative ions that is very beneficial for the face.

The steamed includes a steel kit with surgical grade It allows the extraction of impurities more precise and thus helps to complement the cleaning of the skin.

2. Vaporization system with extendable arm


A device that takes the advanced element of ceramic heating PTC to vaporize clean water, producing abundant and consistent hot vapors in seconds that can more easily penetrate the skin barrier.

For its part UV light inside it is responsible for sterilizing the steam so that it can reach your skin in its purest state. You can also adjust the arm length and angle according to your needs.

3. Device for humidify the face


It has improved vapor technology that penetrates the skin layers more easily. The device produces a hot mist that is responsible for helping clean the pores reducing acne and blackheads.

Also the vaporizer is responsible for providing a rapid absorption of nutrients that is very beneficial for your skin. It is easy to use since you can operate it through its touch screenIn addition, its mini portable design allows you to take it with you wherever you are.

4. Facial vaporizer updated


A tool designed for professional skin care. A quick session with this vaporizer improves the appearance of the skin and prevents the appearance of blackheads and black spots, while also relieving nasal sinus congestion.

Its conical shape of its mouthpiece makes the mist completely cover your face, in this way the steam is more concentrated and reaches your skin in its purest form. Also, this vaporizer generates an intensive treatment that promotes better blood circulation which gives the face a more natural glow.