An accessory that will give you style and warmth.

The hats Fedora style have a charm hard to ignore. They are timeless and very elegant garments, which also combine very well with any outfit, either in summer or in winter. And since we are still in the cold season, we want to recommend the following 4 models made of wool They will not only give you style, they will also help protect you from the cold.

1. Jeff & Aimy: 100% wool hat

Jeff & Aimy show us a fedora-style hat 100% wool, which brings with it a built-in adjustable lanyard. The hat can only be machine washed and in cold water. Available in two other colors.

This fedora style hat will keep you isolated from the cold winter. Perfect to be used on any occasion and with any look.

2. Mostyleo: unisex fedora hat

Fedora style hat made in wool fabric high quality. It comes with an adjustable strap on the inside and is available in other colors.

The hat in addition to protecting you against the cold, will protect you from the sun (UV rays) thanks to its widening wing. In addition, it has an anti sweat band on the inside, which will keep you away from moisture.

3. Anycosy: waterproof fedora hat

Hat made in 100% imported wool Australian, super soft and warm. Available in other colors. It is water repellent, it will protect you from the cold and from UV rays.

Ideal for creating a bohemian or chic lookWith fedora hats you can give an improved style to any outfit.

4. Anycosy: fedora hat with leather strap

Anycosy brand hat 100% wool Australian. Includes a woven leather strap for a casual, striking touch. Available in other colors.

The hat will be practical and versatileIt combines perfectly with any outfit to dress like a T-shirt and jeans.