Powerful amulets that will help you have a home full of harmony.

The Feng shui It is an ancient system of Chinese origin that teaches us to apply an occupation and conscious use of the space we inhabit to ensure that it gives us a positive influence and energy towards our spirit and the activities we carry out on a daily basis. With this base, there are many amulets and objects of good luck that we can place in strategic places in our home in order to purify energies and build a harmonious and positive environment, such as those shown below:

1. Amperer: Chinese coin pendant with lucky knot

Pendants made with chinese copper coins Authentic, tied with red ribbon that forms an infinite knot of good luck.

The arrangement of the coins on the pendant symbolizes the balance between heaven and earth, the protection, wealth and good omens. It is ideal to place it on the door of the house or office.

2. Ebros Gift: Money tree

Amulet made of resin and hand paintedIt is approximately 5 inches tall. It is a figure that symbolizes wealth, fortune and good omens.

You can place it near the front door of your home or on your work desk. The circular shape of its base also allows you to make flow the energies of your house harmonically.

3. Waner: Crystal ball pendant

30mm diameter glass sphere, cut into 224 facets that reflect light. It has a hole at the top that allows you to hang it.

Feng shui recommends hanging these glass spheres in the main entrance of the house or office, or also in the corner of the house with increased energy flow. This facilitates the renewal of energies and their purification.

4. FengShuiGe: Feng shui bell with buddha

Antique copper bell with coin with Buddha carving and tassel of red threads. The ringing of the bell ward off bad energy and it spreads good luck throughout your home.

You can place it in any room in your house, and even in your car. It is a striking and excellent quality amulet that will keep your home in perfect balance and harmony.

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