In Asian culture there are many amulets which are used to attract luck and good energy, and one of the most popular is the Maneki Neko or Lucky cat. It is primarily associated with good fortune, but it also works to attract all kinds of positive energy. Here we leave you 4 models that you can have at home for good luck:

1. Cozy: Lucky cat with solar energy

This figure is made of durable, long-lasting plastic and an excellent paint finish. It has a small solar energy receiving cell, which makes the cat’s right arm move.

Ideal to have it at home, in the office or even in the car. This cat is a perfect amulet to attract good fortune and positive energies.

2. Thy Collectibles: Hand painted lucky cat

This cat is made of polyresin and hand painted with a professional finish. It measures approximately 3 ″ x 2 ″ and is available in 3 different models.

A beautiful and delicate Lucky Cat that will accompany you at all times to offer you the better energies. It is a perfect accessory to have as a decoration or as an amulet.

3. Tgfer: Ceramic piggy bank

Tgfer 4.5

Beautiful piggy bank in the shape of a lucky cat made of porcelain and hand painted. It is available in 6 different colors, and each one represents an aspect in which it will bring luck.

This cat has both paws raised to attract even more fortune. Each figure includes a small cushion to place the cat.

4. Okok: Lucky Cat Pendant

This pendant is 32cm long and includes a ceramic figure of a lucky white cat. The pendant features a chinese traditional knot It also works to attract good energy.

Ideal for hang it from the car mirror or anywhere in your home, with this charm you can attract fortune, luck and health.