It is always better to be safe than sorry.

A situation of emergency or accident can be presented to us at any time and place without notice. It is important that if something like this happens to us, we must remain calm in order to assess our environment, detect if there is any danger and control the situation and solve the problem. Well, each step and decision we make will be decisive.

We must render all possible help. It is normal for our alert sensors to be active and to feel nervous, even many people experience panic attacks where they have no complete control of their body. In situations like this, it is recommended to go first to the authorities and provide them with the necessary information so that they can provide their services. They are the most capable people and they have the academic and professional training to solve each problem.

But to prepare ourselves there are different tools that give us support during this difficult time. If we need to have a medical assistance immediate we can have near us a first aid kit, which is a basic resource designed to be useful in emergency situations and to be able to offer full attention to victims of trauma that is not as severe as burns, cuts, injuries, scratches, stings, injuries and sprains.

A first aid kit The emergency kit stores the items for sanitary use. In it we can find materials such as antiseptics (hydrogen peroxide, povidone-iodine, antibacterial soap, etc.) to treat wounds and prevent them from becoming infected; physiological serums, to respond in case of dehydration. Another item that a medicine cabinet has are healing materials (gauze, patches, band-aids, scissors, tapes, thermometers, tourniquets, and elastic bandages) to clean, cover, and treat minor injuries or trauma; In addition, they can help us to stop bleeding.

Finally we must not forget the medications, pain relievers and anti-allergies to treat common ailments and provide immediate relief. You must take into account that your medicine cabinet must be checked annually so that you can discard objects and medicines that have expired in order to replace them with a new

If we wish, we can include information on each member of our family and indicate if they have any allergies, food, medicine, insect bites, or if they comply with any treatment. And if we want to provide more information, we can have a list of the emergency phone numbers and from a family member.

The kit can be a bag, case, or a box that must have specific characteristics. It must be durable, clean, spacious and light to be able to transport it wherever we want with ease. You have to prevent the passage of liquids inside to protect all your materials.

It is important to mention that the first aid kit It must contain only what is essential to carry out first aid. We must place it in a visible place out of the reach of children but that a responsible adult can easily access so as not to create a setback. They are usually placed near fire extinguishers, inside bathroom or kitchen shelves.

But if in your case you still do not have a first aid kit in your home and you want to be prepared for any emergency, you can take this information as a reference to choose the right one for your home. And to help you in your choice you can take a look at the following list that we bring for you where we will show you some first aid kits They will always help you and provide proper medical care.

1. First aid only: Treats trauma and superficial wounds

It is a compact, safe and super practical kit. Includes 299 items for treat different types of emergencies, injuries and wounds that must be taken care of immediately.

You will not have to worry if some of your children, visitors or family members have suffered an accident in your home. This kit will help you get a quick solution. You can also always carry with you, because it does not take up much space if you keep it in your purse or bag.

It is a recommended kit to treat small and not so deep wounds, that is, they do not require suturing.

2. Surviveware: Bag raincoat first AIDS

This is a bag made of strong, durable and waterproof polyester. Protects all 100 items that are inside. It stands out for having steel scissors capable of cutting clothing and seat belts, perfect for use in traffic accidents or environmental disasters. It has a zipper for easy access and a black handle so you can easily carry it.

With this kit you will feel safe and capable of attending different emergencies, because its multiple items offer complete medical care. It also has pockets and compartments of different sizes so that you achieve a better organization and you can quickly get any item.

3. Be Smart Get Prepared: Complete kit to have in your home or office

Is a high quality plastic box, able to withstand bumps and scratches. It is one of the most complete first aid kits. It contains materials with which you can clean, treat and protect most of the traumas. It also has some pills that allow you to open them easily and have full access to their interior.

It is a recommended kit for people who want to solve a very serious emergency that require medical care while they wait for the authorities.

4. Survival bag compact

It is a small and compact bag made of high quality waterproof nylon. Its size adapts perfectly to different spaces. Contains the basic materials and medicines to cover and treat injuries, wounds, pain and trauma.

If any unexpected event occurs either in your car or home, with this kit you can solve and provide the necessary help. It will also be very easy to find, because its vibrant red color allows you distinguish easily. You will feel protected and calm.