A practical way to guarantee a seat for each of your guests.

When you live in a place with little space it is important to consider the type of furniture and objects that you are going to have in order to optimize the space and make it much more pleasant and functional for every Thinking about this, an excellent option is folding chairs Because with them you can receive visits comfortably without having to compromise too much space at home, and with the advantage that you can store them very easily.

1. Set of chairs wood

They have a natural finish and retain a traditional style. The backrest is contoured and the seat has slats to make it more comfortable. Very easy to fold to store once you have used them.

A practical and comfortable option, which be folded You can easily store them in any room or under a tall cabinet. Its design adapts to any style of decoration.

2. Metal cabinet with double bracket


These metal folding chairs have a durable construction that makes them very convenient for use them daily. They have a steel frame and their legs have double reinforcement with an integrated footrest.

They are very light, comfortable and easy to transport and store. They are sturdy enough to support a 300 pound person.

3. Wooden seat with padded


They have a lightweight design with a comfortable padded seat vinyl upholstered to provide greater durability. They fold very easily and have been built with sturdy beech wood.

Ideal to use both in indoors as well as outdoors, especially in small houses and apartments. Its classic style allows you to combine and incorporate them into your home decor.

4. Folding chair extra flexible


Incredibly Mesh Folding Chairs durable, light and comfortable. Its ergonomic design is made up of a breathable elastomeric mesh that adapts to the shape of each person sitting in the chair.

Thanks to their innovative design, these chairs minimize pressure points and maximize the air flow to provide greater comfort. They are ideal to save space when storing them.