Healthy breakfasts to improve your digestion.

Start every day with a healthy breakfast, which will help you have a good digestion, less stomach inflammation and without gases. Although sometimes you may be in a hurry for work, take time to avoid consuming foods that do not give you nutrients. We give you 4 products that will help you have a healthy breakfast every day.

1. GF Harvest: oatmeal, a natural source of fiber to start the morning

Oatmeal is probably one of the best breakfasts you can have. It is an excellent source of fiber, improves digestion, has a prebiotic effect that cares for the good bacteria in the microbiota, cares for your sugar levels, and is a great antioxidant. For breakfast you can eat it raw, in a shake or boiled.

Always choose an organic option, as it is purer and does not have added sugars. This oatmeal is gluten free, so you will not have to suffer from being afraid of an allergy. An oatmeal with 4.5 stars.

2. Viva Naturals: Chia to avoid inflammation and feel satisfied for more hours

Chia seeds are very small but have great benefits. It contains a large amount of omega 3 and fiber. With fiber it will help your digestion to be better, it helps you feel satisfied and you will not feel stomach inflammation. It prevents you from retaining fluid, cares for the intestinal flora and helps the cells not oxidize.

So you can absorb all its properties, the ideal is that you liquefy it because this will crush them and it will be easier to consume them. You can do it in a smoothie, along with oatmeal. Always store them in a place away from moisture.

3. Lucky Foods LLC: a kimchi to give probiotics to the body and avoid stomach gas

Kimchi is cabbage fermented with other vegetables. Contains a high level of fiber, also probiotics that helps them grow good bacteria in the colon and improves intestinal health. Eating breakfast will help you have a light day, without gas or inflammation. It is a kimchi that has vitamins A and C, in addition to calcium and iron.

It is a product that does not have meat, they are pure vegetables, if you are dieting it is perfect to eat something healthy and absorb its properties. A Kimchi which has 4.1 stars.

4. Urban Kitchen: kombucha helps all probiotics reach the body alive and protects digestion

Kombucha is a rich fermented drink. When it is made, it has good bacteria that help your body have more probiotics and reach your body alive, take care of the intestinal flora, detoxifies the liver, prevent you from having an inflamed stomach and with this gas. You can get the kombucha made and packaged. This is a kit for you to do it.

Although it is a process of a few days to obtain the kombucha, it is perfect for you to do it as many times as you want and consume it on the days that you have a stomach inflammation. This kit has everything for you to do at home.