Contribute to the care of the environment with recycling.

Respect and care for environment they come hand in hand with a series of responsibilities and actions that seek to preserve the natural environment. To achieve this there are endless tools such as recycling bins or bins, each with its own variants to store the different types of waste.

There is no doubt that this process is one of the greatest challenges that every modern society faces to work against the decline of the environment. That is why the important thing is that you acquire a new awareness of the problem of garbage with solutions that are at your fingertips, as is the case of recycling.

This recycling system can be available in any home worldwide. Normally its classification is based on colors: yellow for plastic; blue for cardboard and paper; green is for glass; brown or orange for residues of plant or animal origin; and gray works for general waste that you can’t separate from the other buckets.

In addition, some containers of garbage They are also represented with recycling symbols, you just have to pay attention so that you can give it a correct treatment. The most common are the Möbius Circle, which represents the steps for the recycling process, and the Tidyman, which is basically a man throwing garbage into a container.

These items are just tools for you to practice recycling at home. The key steps to maintaining an ecologically healthy environment is to reduce the volume of waste, increase recycling of garbage and be a more responsible consumer to reduce the impact of carbon emissions on the environment and create better living conditions.

Now, if you are wondering how to successfully separate all the waste that is generated in your home, there are trash bins specially designed for recycling. Some come with compartments of two and up to four color divisions that facilitate the process to store the waste in the corresponding places. The important thing is that you become aware of the positive changes you can achieve if you make recycling part of your day to day.

To help you with this task, below are four styles of trash bins They take up very little space for you to choose according to your preferences and needs.

1. Garbage container 2 in 1

This stainless steel trash container contains two removable plastic buckets with lids of the same material, a filter to avoid the emission of bad odors and handles to transport. Its dimensions are 16 by 12 inches and each compartment holds 2.5 gallons.

Recycling is the easiest way to deal with the problem of garbage and the deterioration of the environment; Remember that any product or material that is recycled can be reused. That is why this container it is a comfortable way to separate the garbage through a color-coded system, blue for recycling cardboard, paper and glass containers, and black for waste such as plastic that you cannot reuse. In addition, it has a design that adapts without problem to any decoration in your home or office.

2. Garbage container 3 in 1

It is a rectangular shaped garbage container that is built with stainless steel material Durable on the outside and with internal plastic partitions to match individual lids. It also has a bucket handle that makes it easy to remove recycling and trash every time it’s stored. Its dimensions are 10 by 14 inches.

By taking into account the important task of recycling, you work to avoid the formation of new waste or, what is the same, accumulation. Therefore, this container makes your task easier by means of its three color-marked compartments: blue, yellow and green on some pedals that allow you to open the covers comfortably without having to use your hands.

3. Set of four recycling bags

It is a set of four recycling bags made with eco-friendly polypropylene material Waterproof and resistant that you can wash with water without giving off color. Each one has a double stitch handle for heavy loads and a velcro closure that allows you to join them using plastic, brass or glass dividers, without having to fix it to the kitchen space. Its size is 12 by 17 inches.

Although the reduction or reuse of some materials cannot always be put into practice, these containers can do their bit to help preserve nature. In this case, it is a good option so you can classify the waste easily without making a mistake thanks to its blue, red, gray and green color system for you to separate cardboard and paper; glass, plastic and waste of animal and vegetable origin without causing any confusion.

4. Independent bags of recycling

It is a set of recycling bags designed with three drawers and three frames differentiated by colors. They have a waterproof coating that you can wash with water and come with a design of individual handles that makes it easy to transport. Its measurements are 12 by 16 inches.

Recycling is a task that comes to form part of a very significant economic and energy saving, since it reduces greenhouse gas emissions and even the management costs to treat waste. In this sense, the independent containers are can be easily attached by means of a velcro closure to function as garbage cans and keep waste separate.