An easy accessory to install where your glasses will be safe at all times.

The glasses They are an accessory that we usually carry with us, but in many occasions it is difficult to find where to store them. They are delicate products that can be scratched, deformed or even broken, and these fears become greater when we are inside the car where there is no safe place for them. Thinking about solving this, we show you some options glasses holders that you can put in the visors of the car.

1. Glasses hook with details silver


This support has a simple design and is made with carbon fiber high quality. It is an excellent option that allows you to safely place and have access to your glasses or sunglasses.

Its structure allows a 180ยบ turn, therefore you can locate your glasses in a way horizontal or vertical. The soft material in addition to protecting your lenses, also cares for the visor of your car.

2. Case storage for glasses


It is designed to help you store your glasses while you are driving. It has a switch to open and close that you can operate with just one hand. It is a practical accessory, beautiful and above all very resistant.

The box inside is lined with a sponge cushion specially placed to protect your glasses from scratches, chips and bumps. Installs very easily and fits on any visor.

3. Glasses Holder Premium


Created from an elegant design, strong and durable. The accessory comes with 2 solar glass holders that can hold up to 2 glasses securely in the visors or in the vents of the vehicle.

It is a smart way to protect your glasses of falls and scratches, while giving you a space where you can always have them at hand. It is suitable and fits for most vehicles.

Clamp with double space


It is responsible for safely holding up to 2 pairs of glasses at the same time. The piece is created from a mechanism of blocking which guarantees that the glasses, regardless of their size, will not move or slide.

It is very easy and safe to use. If you want to wear your glasses while you are driving, you only have to press a button that activates the open and closed. It attaches firmly to any type of visor and provides easy access to the glasses.