Take care of your immune system with green juices.

It is time to consume vegetables and fruits, to increase vitamin C in our body as well as be able to raise our defenses, consume antioxidants so that our whole body is stronger. These green juices are enriched with different fruits and vegetables, also with vitamin C and other minerals.

Green juices can lower cholesterol and purify our body by eliminating toxins, to improve the functioning of the liver and kidney. Ideal to consume them to avoid binge eating due to quarantine.

1.Juice From the RAW: contains vegetables and vitamin C to protect your body

This green juice has a vitamin C content of 60%, in addition to calcium, zinc, iron and vitamin A. There are 9 green juices, so that you consume them daily, or every 2 days, it all depends on whether you want to consume it as a scrubber or more like an energetic. They are made from kale, spinach, celery, cucumber, lemon, ginger, apple, and pineapple.

Once you open them it is recommended that consume them immediately, to guarantee the freshness and properties of the ingredients.

two. BioSchwartz: with probiotics and digestive enzymes to improve digestion

This is a green juice powder to prepare as many times as you want, it contains apple, spirulina, broccoli, kale, celery, spinach, ginger, lettuce and more that has excellent nutrients to be able to clean and improve the absorption of nutrients. This green juice has probiotics and digestive enzymes which will help take care of the flora and prevent constipation, inflammation and excess gases.

Contains vitamin C and D, you can add a little cold water and ice to enjoy more this green juice and refresh yourself. Can you serve up to 30 glasses.

3.Amazing Grass: vitamins and minerals that raise defenses and prevent allergies

A green juice is characterized by having a great source of iron, fiber, vitamin C, folic acid, calcium and vitamin K that help our bodies stay optimal and energized. improve digestion, regulate cholesterol levels, prevent irritation in the stomach, and it even raises the defenses to prevent allergies.

To enjoy it even more, put ice to make it smoothie and it becomes thicker. It will leave you satisfied for several hours, so enjoy while protecting your body.

Four.Nested Naturals: take care of your digestive and immune system

Regardless of the season, we must take care of our body, green juices can take care of our digestive and immune systems, giving vitamins to prevent disease. This green juice is enriched with probiotics and basic digestive enzymes to prevent constipation, colitis and gastritis as they protect the intestinal flora.

Contains Vitamin C, thanks to its green ingredients and because it has added ascorbic acid. It also contains fiber so it is normal that you go to the bathroom more than normal, remember to always keep hydrated.

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