Cover your gray hair and roots easily and without having to go to the salon.

The hair It is the frame of our face, and that is why we must always take care of its appearance so that we can look fabulous. Occasionally, a special last minute event or invitation may come up and we don’t have time to go to the salon to touch up our gray hair or roots hair related. But do not worry, since they are the correctors that we show you below you can have beautiful hair and with a even tone in minutes and from the comfort of your home.

1. Retouch Powder Roots


It’s a powder light and strong to the water that keeps the grays away until your next shampoo. Each presentation of this compact powder lasts approximately between 40 and 60 applications.

Naturally blends with your hair color, covers single strands, retouch the temples, update the root lines and also define your eyebrows in 10 seconds. You can always carry it with you in the bag makeup.

2. Concealer Hair roots

The precision brush Double tip included was specially designed to apply powder to hair. It allows a precise application and does not leave additional dust, without spots on the scalp.

Cover the roots and gray hair without mess to get perfect results in less than a minute. This filler powder does not dry hair or leave a dull appearance.

3. Powder Concealer to Cover Roots and Gray Hair


It is a concealer 100% undetectableIt adheres perfectly to your hair creating a completely natural look. Super easy to apply, it is better on clean and dry hair.

To apply it you just have to make sure that your hair is dry, comb it and follow the hair lines. You must start from back to front, when you finish you tap gently to disperse the excesses.

4. Retouch Bar color

Is a efficient solution, inexpensive and uncomplicated for gray hair and roots. Its lipstick applicator is ideal for covering very wide areas of gray hair.

You apply it directly on the area you want to touch up, combines beautifully with the existing hair color. It does not tangle or clump throughout the day, it is easily washed with shampoo.