An accessory that will remove all the bad energies from your life.

The hamsa hand It is a symbol that has great importance especially in the cultures of the Middle East and North Africa. This amulet is used as a method of protection for life and homes. These properties have made it a symbol of luck and good vibes. If you are looking for a way to carry good luck to your home, then look at these options that we present to you so that you have your own Amulet of the Hands of Hamsa inside your home.

1. Hanging ornament with hamsa hand

This accessory is made of resistant materials such as metal and glass, and it also has the traditional shape of the Hand of Hamsa. It is a piece of beautiful and vibrant colors in shades like dark blue, white and sky blue.

You can hang it anywhere in your house to attract the best vibes to your home and to protect to all who inhabit the house from any negative energy. In addition, it will be a nice decoration for any room.

2. Amulet of Hamsa’s Red color

Made with metal material, this Hamsa hand has an original ocher color and with the characteristic eye in the central part that protects from evil. This amulet also features other similar, smaller silver-tone hands located at the bottom.

Get the most protection for your home, with this Hamsa hand that attracts only positive waves. It is a pendant to be seen beautiful in the room or any of the rooms where you decide to locate it.

3. Hand of Hamsa triple

An amulet designed to provide triple protection to all the spaces in your home. A piece made by hand that stimulates patience, loyalty and above all health through the good vibes. The piece is made of metal and decorated with glass beads.

The creators say that upon perceiving any damage or bad vibes this pendant breaks, thus getting rid of any type of harmful energy. The account of the evil eye It is used to expel the negative energy that envious people emanate.

4. Decorative pendant shaped amulet

This Hamsa hand pendant is designed as a compact sized amulet that keeps evil intent away and enhances the harmony, peace, energy, happiness and prosperity within the home.

This pendant is decorated with blue eyes that give it strength to eradicate all the bad energies that abound in the surroundings of your house. This decoration to hang at fresh airIt is an ideal gift for all special occasions such as weddings, removals or birthday parties.