Refined sugar is harmful to health. Fortunately, there are several very delicious alternatives to sweeten from your coffee to delicious desserts. Not all are very good for your body, but we give you a list of 3 sugar substitutes that they are healthy and have natural ingredients. Start by sweetening your morning in a healthy way.

1. Monk fruit works to eliminate cholesterol: Lakanto

The healthiest sugar substitute is the monk fruit, since it can be consumed by diabetics, it helps eliminate high levels cholesterol and triglycerides. It has no calories and is low in carbohydrates. This type of sugar prevents a fruit making it totally natural.

You can use it in any product: teas, desserts, smoothies, cookies, smoothies and more. It tastes delicious, and you don’t need much product to sweeten your coffee. Can be consumed by children and older adults.

2. Manuka honey increases the levels of collagen in the skin: Wedderspoon

Manuka honey has high levels of collagen, it is an antiseptic so it prevents them from forming bacteria, fungus on your skin and abscesses. You only need a teaspoon to sweeten your drink. It is a sugar substitute that will give you a lot of energy, but without so many calories and without side effects.

Manuka honey will help a lot to raise your defenses and protect your immune system. Some of the buyers has helped them eliminate reflux and certain gastritis conditions. Definitely a sugar substitute worth investing in.

3. Coconut sugar with high levels of calcium and magnesium: Nutiva

A very rich alternative is coconut sugar. One of the properties of coconut is that it has high levels potassium, magnesium, zinc, iron and vitamin B and it is very low in its caloric content. Coconut sugar is a great alternative if you like pastry, it gives it a roasted and sweet flavor, coconut sugar doesn’t taste like coconut, its taste is a bit similar to muscovado sugar, but it has more benefits.

This product is natural, free of gluten, vegan and organic. This sugar substitute can be used in any food and drink. Change the refined sugar, for a healthy and full of nutrients and vitamins.

4. Stevia a calorie-free sweetener derived from plants: NOW

Stevia is a very popular supplement as it is derived from a plant. The best thing is that it has no calories and you can consume it even if you are dieting or wanting to lose weight. When buying a sugar substitute like stevia, look at the ingredients, as not all of them are so natural. This stevia is natural and organic, which can be consumed by diabetics.

This presentation is of small envelopes, so you can carry them in your bag or purse to sweeten your drinks instantly. You can also find it in liquid form, which sweetens in the same way.